Cavite National High School Class 65
48th Anniversary (Pre-Golden) Celebration

March 18, 2013

Forty-Eight (48) Pleasant Memorable Years

Dear Classmates,

The 48th Anniversary Homecoming celebration of Cavite National High School Class of 1965 was held last February 9 & 10, 2013 in the Philippines. The homecoming activities were graced by a modest number of "balikbayans" from the USA.

For a video presentation of the events of this homecoming go to my channel at YouTube or scroll down this page, choose the video flick and click the play button of the video player. The original raw video footages of the 2 events in 2 DVDs run a total of approximately 3 hours. The videos were segmented into 15 to 20  minute-flicks for your watching convenience. You may even choose the segment of the footage you wish to view and watch other segments at some other time.

The first day event was participated by 146 alumni excluding their guests. It started on February 9, 2013 with an early morning mass held at the St. Peter's Parish Church afterwhich, a jubilant parade followed along the main streets of Cavite City and ended at the quadrangle of our Alma Mater. After the parade, the throng of alumni proceeded to the Twinkle Farm in Santa Rosa, Noveleta, Cavite for the day long Fun Day event. The program festivities was initially emceed by Ruben Rodriguez with the invocation led by Mila Atangan. The Philippine CNHS65 Alumni Association President Ollie Herrera Abuid welcomed all the affair participants. Dance presentation and songs were rendered by the Scholars of the CNHS65 Scholarship Foundation. Cash money, bags of rice,  several electric fans and LED TVs were raffled off to the event participants.

The second day, February 10, 2013, was attended by 142 alumni graduates excluding their respective guests. It was a dinner-dance event held at Chua's Pavilion, Dalahican, Cavite City and emceed by the lively duo of Joel Lamangan and Nini Austria Reynante. The invocation and blessing of the food was offered by Dante Salud. The music was provided by the Philippine Fleet, Philippine Navy combo. After a sumptuous dinner, the night was spent mostly to dancing and merry-making till the closing hours of 12 midnight.

The pictures presented here, a total of 625 photos, are a consolidation of the photographs from the event's official photographer, from the cameras of Milo Reynante (better halve of Nini Austria) and Deh Morente and from the FB photo uploads of Ludy Bullen Garcia and Violet Barrion Moulton. Thanks Ludz and Volet for giving me the permission to download your photos and use them here. The videos presented below are the original unedited footages of the raw videos. Very minimal footages were removed to minimize playing time especially from some raffle sections of the first day event. The last portion of the Dinner-Dance flick was copied from the end part of the edited video of the events.

The two-day events will always be remembered, cherished and be included in the history of CNHS Class of 1965. The camaraderie, the happiness of seeing old friends, the memories of our high school years will always be coming back through the years.

Thank you, dear classmates. See you again in the next and up-coming Golden Anniversary Celebration in 2015. Long live the Class of 1965 of the Cavite National High School!

Tedd V Navarro
Cavite National High School Class of 1965

48th Anniversary Video Presentation
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Mass, Parade, Fun Day Events (February 9, 2013)
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Dinner-Dance Event (February 10, 2013)
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