May 2015
Updated May 25, 2015

aliw tosco anuat
abe and aliw anuat
Aliw Tosco Anuat
Abe and Aliw

the anuat family
Name :   Aliw Pascual Tosco-Anuat
Date of Birth :   November 17, 1948
Current Work :   Registered Nurse (SN - IV)
Current Company:   San Joaquin General Hospital
Name of Spouse :   Abraham Anuat 
Spouse's Work:   Retired
Workplace:   USPS-Information System
Home Address :   8439 Mountain Bell Court, Elk Grove, California
Country :   USA
Telephone Number :   (916) 682 - 7703
Abe, Erick and Aliw


About Aliw and Family

Aliw-RN, BSN worked in Makati Medical Center, Philippines at the Well Newborn Nursery & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She worked in Saudi Arabia for 10 years in NICU. She also worked in the USA as a Registered Nurse for 25 years in different hospital departments. Her husband, Abe, graduated Bachelor of Arts in Far Eastern University and Graduated Law in San Sebastian College Manila. Her only son, Erick graduated Bachelor of Nursing in San Sebastian College Cavite City and had his Masters in Nursing in the University of Makati. He is presently working as a nurse in the USA.