Edna T de Guzman-Bonella
June 2003

edna bonella family
 Ramon and Edna with children
Irma (19), Persia (25), and Marylin (24)

The Bonellas with Edna's Parents

Name :   Edna de Guzman Bonella
Date of Birth :   June 26, 1949
Degree :   B. S. in Nursing
College :   Philippine Women's University
Current Work :   Processing & Instrument Technician
Name of Spouse :   Ramon M. Bonella
Spouse's Work :   Processing & Instrument Technician
Workplace :   Surrey Memorial Hospital
Address :   13234 81B Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 8Y4
Country :   Canada
Telephone Number :   + 604 - 5922166
Cell Phone Number :   + 604 - 779-1558
E-mail Address :   egbonella@msn.com
Interests :   The family loves picnicking in the park, fishing
  and crabbing. Ramon jogs everyday, no matter
  what the weather is, be it winter, spring, summer
  or fall.     

About Edna and Family

After finishing her BS Nursing degree from PWU in 1971, Edna worked as a Navy nurse for 2 years. There, she met her soon to be husband, Ramon,  who was then a 2nd Lt. in the Phil. Marines. They both left the service and went to the Middle East to work. They had their 2 daughters, then went back to the Philippines in 1979. Edna worked as a Registered Nurse in the Philippines while Ramon worked as a Pepsi Salesman. They had their 3rd daughter this time. They put up a grocery store and engaged in trucking business for a short time. After a while, they migrated to Canada in 1993, chose Winnipeg, Manitoba to live there for 8 yrs. The family then moved to Surrey after their oldest daughter, Persia, finished her university degree. Persia is now working in the USA. The couple's 2 other daughters had done their high school and still doing further studies. Edna resigned doing nursing work for 22 years and presently, she and Ramon are working at Surrey Memorial Hospital as Processing and Instrument Technicians. Edna wishes that she and family will have the time to attend the Class '65 reunions in the future.