Nora T. Francisco-Krischel
February 9, 2009
Updated February 9, 2009

nora and edward    

Edward and Nora

Name :   Nora T Francisco-Krischel
Date of Birth :   October 26, 1948
Current Work :   Cashier (Crew Leader)
Current Company :   Evangel University
Name of Spouse :   Edward Krischel
Spouse's Work :   Retired Civil Service
Home Address :   1406 S. Barnes Ave., Springfield, MO. 65804
Country :   USA
Telephone Number :   (417) 823-9283

About Nora and Family

Nora has two children, Maryjane 39 and Jeffrey 32, both of which are living in Baguio City, Philippines.

Nora met Ed thru her brother-in-law way back in 1992 when Nora was still working in Subic Bay. When the base closed, he went back to the US and petitioned for Nora's migration to the mainland. Eight months, later Nora was already on her way to the US. Ed served his country for 30 years until his retirement from the service.