Special 43rd Anniversary Celebration
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

December 7, 2008

"The Greatest Anniversary in 43 Years"

Dear Classmates,

"The greatest anniversary celebration in 43 years" was the most popular expression repeated by approximately 94 members of the alumni of Cavite National High School Class of 1965 and their escorts and friends who gathered at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday evening, November 8, 2008.

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Registration began at 6:00 pm, in charge were Precy Paterno Gabriel, Eleanor Reyes Chambers, Praxedes (Diding) Joya Fernandez, Hermie Alonzo Noche, and Zeny Lim, who also acted as greeters.  Romeo Obien, US Alumni President, and myself presided over the festivities.  The large sign on the wall of the banquet room, reading "Cavite National High School Class of 1965 Class Reunion - Friends for Life" had a very symbolic meaning this year.  It meant God had showered us the thrill to witness the excitement of classmates embracing each other and shaking hands.  Josie Reyes gave the invocation for the banquet and with heads bowed, thanked our Heavenly Father for the joyful occasion.

There was a slide presentation dedicated to all known deceased since the 40th reunion. The slide evoked laughter at some of the old photographs of our fellow classmates and also the fond memories of our school times.  Dancing and singing followed the program and everyone was impressed with the professionalism of many of the performers. 

The committee of the class of 1965 combined this event gracefully with dedication and commitment.  The two-day activities could not have been possible without the sincere cooperation, participation and support from each member of our class from the North and South part of California.  They are the biggest contribution to the success of this reunion.

Ernie Flores, our US Alumni Vice President, who thanked all the supporters from all over USA for their generous contributions to the success of the event, made a closing remark.  He said, "Let us remind ourselves of this bonding relationship.  Whatever happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas.  Let us bring with us the memories, the times of our lives".

As we brought the curtain down on this glorious event, and as we all parted, we all remembered one thing - there is no greater than friendship.

Thank you, dear classmates.  You are friends who have grown dearer as the years passed.  Thank you for the memories.  It is a mark of gratitude to be a part of the life of the Cavite National High School students who were such fine, smart, successful and caring people.  It has been a privilege to serve you. 

See you again in the next and upcoming reunion celebration in 2010, which is going to be held in the Philippines.

Till we meet again!

Nini Austria Reynante
San Jose, California

Cavite National High School Class of 1965
Las Vegas Affair Video Presentation
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