Cavite National High School Class 1965

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Lost Tourists during the Pahiyas Festival at Lucban, Quezon on May 15, 1999. This house is typical of scores
  of homes decorated with  fruits and flowers  during the festival in honor of San Isidro. The  flowers  and leaves  
 in  this  photo, called  locally  as keping,  are  made  from  pinipig which can be eaten by frying or roasting. The
 locals were so much delighted watching these lost tourists posing in front of each and every house for pictorials.

Pahiyas Festival

The lost tourists are:   Gene Apostol, Ollie Herrera Abuid, Normie Morabe vda de Saavedra,
Cheenee, Tess Ramos Apostol, Charie Jose, and Lucy Montano.