Cavite National High School Class 65
40th Anniversary (Ruby Jubilee) Celebration

January 15, 2006

A Reunion of Lasting Friendship and Camaraderie

Dear Classmates,

Like our Coral Anniversary Alumni Homecoming, the Cavite National High School Class of 1965 Ruby Anniversary Celebration held on November 5-6, 2005 at Cavite, Philippines was also a resounding success! The official two-day activities had surpassed the number of attendees of our Coral Celebration. So far, this is the biggest gathering of the Cavite National High School alumni of Class 65 and the largest participation of our "Balikbayans" in the history of CNHS 65.

For a video presentation of the events of this homecoming go to my channel at YouTube or scroll down this page, choose the video flick and click the play button of the video player.

The success of this affair could be attributed to the cooperation, teamwork, support and participation of each CNHS 65 alumnus. A job well done to the officers of the 40th Homecoming as well as to all those who worked tirelessly for this event. To our "Balikbayan" friends and classmates, thank you very much for once again sacrificing your time, effort, and money just to be with us to grace this memorable occasion.

Ruby anniversary homecoming, a reunion of lasting friendship and camaraderie of the "Friends for Life", an event that will always be treasured dearly in our hearts. A homecoming for renewal and strengthening of bonds of friendship.

Salute is in order for those who keep coming back. A homecoming to the place, where we were molded to become better persons, where we had our first triumphs and failures, and the place where we started the blueprints of our dreams; Cavite National High School, the home of our youth, where friends from the past reside. And forever, they will be welcomed and be "Friends for Life".

"Friends for Life" ... a friendship that will stand the test of time. A friendship that resides in our hearts, a friendship that will last forever.

Thank you, dear classmates. See you again in the next and up-coming reunion in 2008, a prelude to our Sapphire Anniversary in 2010. Long live the Class of 1965 of the Cavite National High School!

Tedd V Navarro
Cavite National High School Class of 1965
40th Anniversary Video Presentation
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